KAR Power Faster

Extend your battery life
while accelerating your computer!

System RequirementsKAR Power Faster

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How does it work?

1- Intelligent computer processor management:

KAR Power Faster allows in real time - according to the use made of the computer - to automatically adjust (totally transparent for the user) different strategies allowing the processor to better manage the PC. The battery can even double his life!

You can see the time remaining by putting the mouse cursor over the battery icon.

Sans le logiciel

KAR Power Faster extends the battery life by simply adapting the processor to your real needs.

Avec le logiciel




2- Automated temperature decrease:

Computer's damage is most often related to overheating. A processor can quickly reach 90°C when it is known that the maximum temperature to not exceed is 110°C. The fan will turn very quickly, make noise and consume a lot of energy.

KAR Faster Power has an intelligent fully electronic CPU cooling executed by standby components to reduce at least 10°C of the processor (which will extend the life of the computer and battery):

Refroidissement du processeur




3- KAR Power Faster automatically optimizes the memory applications:

Looking at the historical memory usage (in Task Manager and the Performance tab) you will see that the applications are continuously loaded and eventually saturate the computer.


With KAR Power Faster you find the periodic cleaning of memory and a reduced space of the applications without performance degradation since it will optimize your computer by speeding it to 5 times with less heat!




With KAR Power Faster :

Result KAR Power Faster