KAR Disability

Access to computers
while having a disability, it is possible!

System Requirements

Purchase 1 license 999.90 €
Disability Software for user

Use your computer with your head

The software of the future

  • Control the mouse pointer on a Windows computer just by moving your head.
  • A revolution for the world of disability and information technology.
  • A computer that moves with head without specific equipment.
  • Compatible with all webcams


This program is for people who can't use the PC with their hands but who can move their head.
KAR Disability works as a mouse for Windows computers.

Speech recognition

Tell your PC what to do and it obeys yours commands.
Dragon Naturally Speaking 12

KAR Disability works with Dragon Naturally Speaking to use your computer by head and by voice.


Thus the user can continue working on his computer properly

KAR Disability assists its users with mobility difficulties to use their computers easily through its features specifically adapted to them.